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ACT is a popularly recognized test taken by high school students who are ready to start their college life and academics. ACT exam tests students in important subjects and these ACT scores are later sent to the desired colleges of the students to gain admission in there.  ACT is also known as American College Testing assessment and it consists of 4 important sections: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. Students may opt for the optional Writing section as well if they prefer to get their ACT score including their writing score.

The English section consists of questions on usage/mechanics where questions are asked on the appropriate punctuations given in a sentence. There is also a significant amount of questions asked on grammar in a paragraph where emphasis is given on verbs, pronouns, adjectives etc. and the students have to observe whether they are properly used in agreement with each other or not. English section tests student’s rhetoric skills such as strategy used for a given topic, organization of ideas, level of style, tone of voice in the given essay etc., and hence students should study this aspect of English grammar. For the Reading section, students must understand the given reading passage and should be able to appropriately comprehend the given passage related questions. For Mathematics and Science section, students have to go over the basic and fundamental concepts learned so far in their lessons and by understanding and practicing them well; they can get a good score in the ACT exam.

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