ACT Study Guide

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ACT exam, also called as the American College Testing assessment is the test taken by high school students to gain admission in colleges and universities in the United States. ACT exam is the standardized and recognized test and the scores received by students in ACT are sent to their desired colleges for their admission process. ACT test paper consists of 4 sections: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science reasoning. Apart from learning and understanding the concepts for this test, students must be aware about the time available to them to complete every section. Because of the limited time given, students must be able to work through the questions quickly.

It is always recommended for the students to first attempt the easy questions and then later attempt the difficult or the time-taking questions. This way, it will give the student a little bit of time to think and answer the tricky ones in their own appropriate way. For students taking ACT with the Writing section, the test consists of an issue or a topic on which the students have to present their opinion. The time given for this section is 30 minutes and the students have to write an essay expressing their point of view and responding to the given topic. ACT exam does not give highly complicated questions on complex topics and hence in order to do well in all the sections of the test paper, students should practice basic concepts in which they are lagging behind and must keep track of the time accordingly.

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