ACT Science

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The ACT Science section causes many students distress. The questions require methodical, deliberate reasoning that incorporates critical concepts from a range of scientific disciplines. Although learning how to successfully work the problems can be difficult, Tutor Pace has online ACT Science tutors who can walk you through each type of problem until you have the confidence to solve them on your own.

Our tutors cover every aspect of the test, preparing you to excel in:


  •          Understanding graphs, tables, and other schematic forms

  •          Comprehending research summaries
  •          Making the correct choice between conflicting viewpoints
  •          Critically examine information and reason to an appropriate answer

Our ACT tutoring program cover following topics:

  •        Biology
  •        Earth/space science
  •        Chemistry
  •        Physics

ACT Science Help Made Easy

The cornerstone of our online ACT Science tutoring is our innovative online classroom. In it you will be able to interact with your tutor through an online whiteboard that allows you to write formulas, share an internet browsing session, or chat online. An integrated scientific calculator makes it even easier to perform complex calculations, so learning with Tutor Pace is just like being face to face with a tutor.

Most of our tutoring packages allow unlimited 24/7 access to our tutors, so you get as much assistance preparing for the test as you need—right up until the test date. Other services limit your access to a fixed amount of time, but Tutor Pace is committed to making sure you have the opportunity to master every aspect of the test.

Whether you need help learning core concepts in Science or want to maximize your score, our online ACT Science tutors can give you the confidence you need to succeed on test day.

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