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Master ACT Reading with Tutor Pace Online Tutoring!

Although most students who take the ACT have been reading for years, the test requires specific reading skills that can stump even proficient readers. The key to having a high score on the reading portion of the exam is to understand exactly what the questions are testing you for and then working to improve those skills through guided repetition. Tutor Pace’s online ACT Reading tutoring gives you access to a tutor with extensive experience helping students succeed on standardized tests.

What makes Tutor Pace unique is that our tutors are available 24/7 for personalized, one-on-one sessions to prepare you for the exam. Once you sign into your account, you have access to a wealth of information that will help you excel on the Reading portion of the ACT.

Our tutors cover following ACT reading topics:


  •        Prose Fiction
  •        Humanities
  •        Natural Science
  •        Social Science

ACT Reading Help that covers all the Bases

An effective ACT Reading tutoring program has to address everything you will encounter in the actual test. Our tutors are familiar with all of the core concepts of the ACT, and they can expertly guide you through the maze of test preparation. Tutor Pace will help you gain proficiency with:


  •          Breaking down a passage into its parts

  •          Understanding both the direct and implied meaning of a text
  •      Reasoning through passage contents in order to create comparisons and grasp cause and effect relationships
  •          Creating an analysis of the voice and method of the author/narrator
  •          Making generalizations about the passage in order to answer questions

For comprehensive training that offers unparalleled value, Tutor Pace’s online ACT Reading tutoring is the only service that can completely prepare you for a higher score on your examination.

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