ACT Online Registration

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ACT, also known as American College testing is the exam taken by high school students. ACT is a standardized and recognized test taken by students to gain admissions in colleges and universities in the United States. Good ACT score helps students get admission into their desired colleges as the test examines academic knowledge of the student in 4 different areas. ACT test paper consists of 4 main sections: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science Reasoning. ACT offers an optional Writing section as well and the students can choose to attempt this section as well if they prefer getting their score including the Writing section.

There are different options to sign up for ACT but the Online Registration method is the fastest method to sign up for the ACT exam. Students can choose their desired test center according to their convenience, but have to check if the particular test center has available space or not. Once the preferred test center is chosen, then one can print out admission ticket from the website as well. Students can take ACT assessment with or without including the Writing section and it will charge few extra dollars if the section is included. Students can sign up for online registration by creating their ACT web account and it then provides them all the further information required to attend the test. ACT is conducted 4 to 6 times a year depending on the individual state in the United States and hence the students can register and take the test according to their convenience.

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