ACT Mathematics

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Online ACT Mathematics Tutoring Available Now!

The ACT is one of the most important tests you will take in your life, and preparing yourself for the mathematics section can be overwhelming. Whether you need a refresher to maximize your score or you need extensive help to prepare you for the exam, Tutor Pace can help you score higher on the exam.

Our ACT Math tutors have worked with thousands of students to cover all of the core components of the Mathematics section, preparing them for success on test day. They don’t just tell you what the answer is: Tutor Pace’s online tutors go through each type of problem step-by-step in our innovative and intuitive online classroom until you are comfortable solving them on your own. The result is increased confidence that will help you reduce test-day jitters and perform better than you imagined.

The ACT Math Help You Need, the Moment You Need It

Unlike other ACT tutoring services, we don’t limit you to a set number of hours. At Tutor Pace, we understand how important it is to be able to get help at a moment’s notice. That’s why we offer unlimited plans that give you access to online ACT Math tutors 24/7, 365.

There is never an hour of the day when you can’t get tutoring for the areas you will be tested on, including:


  •          Pre-algebra

  •          Elementary Algebra
  •          Intermediate Algebra
  •          Pane Geometry
  •          Coordinate Geometry
  •          Elementary Trigonometry

Whatever area of the ACT Mathematics test you need to prepare for, Tutor Pace has an online tutor ready who is experienced at teaching students just like you to excel on standardized testing. 


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