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About ACT

When preparing for college many high school students decide to take the ACT test. This is a standardized aptitude test designed to illustrate student's skill and mastery of subjects including Math, Critical Reading, and Science Reasoning. The ACT test is important to many students who wants to get in to top college. Preparing for ACT test can be stressful and challenging. A well-prepared student is able to take the ACT with confidence and skill. This is why our ACT tutoring services can be an invaluable resource for students planning on taking the test.

Why Choose Tutor Pace?

Our ACT online tutoring services are unique. Our approach is highly interactive, versatile and personalized, and our ACT tutors work directly with our students on a one to one basis. By logging into their account the students may speak and work with a dedicated ACT tutor. Our ACT tutoring services are designed to be the most adaptable and accessible of any online tutoring services available.

ACT tutoring for 1:1 Support

Once a student begins working one on one with his or her own dedicated ACT tutor a diagnostic test is administered in order to determine the student's particular strengths and challenges. This diagnostic test helps the tutor in personalizing the ACT tutoring sessions to be the most effective possible.

The student and tutor work together through our online whiteboard system while communicating via headset through an audio chat. While other online tutoring services may work through an online whiteboard system, the live audio chat is often excluded and renders the tutoring less effective. Here at Tutor Pace we are dedicated to your child's success and by utilizing audio/video chats in tandem with our whiteboard, our ACT tutoring has proven to be the most effective and adaptable to student needs.

Our ACT tutors often utilize sample questions similar to what may be expected on the actual test. By familiarizing the student with the kinds of questions they may expect to encounter our students come to the test already familiar with the format. By working directly one to one with our tutors each of our students are given the full attention of their tutor and our multimedia services maximize effectiveness. This direct one on one tutoring with an ACT specialist provides our students with the tools and resources to be successful on the ACT.

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